It’s been quite some time since, the “Kapoor khandaan” (not to be confused with Anil Kapoor’s “khandaan”) of Bollywood have been busy planning a world tour for young Ranbir. But there has been reports confirming that the much awaited and hyped tour has been put on hold. The Kapoor’s have all of a sudden realized that Ranbir still hasn’t got much chart busting dance numbers to his name. Bipasha and Katrina have also been approached to perform at Ranbir’s world tour. It’s easier for them to perform as both have them have their signature chartbuster songs like ‘Beedi jalaile’ and ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani.’

It’s being rumored that even Malaika Arora Khan will perform at the event and like we all know she has nothing to worry about as well. Along with ‘Munni badnaam,’ she has scores of other chartbusting songs to dance upon. Young Ranbir has fallen short of songs and thus daddy Rishi Kapoor has put the event on hold.

Rishi Kapoor said in an interview that, one cannot go on a world tour without a bank of songs in his bag. Ranbir’s upcoming film “Rockstar’ is about to release soon and Rishi Kapoor wants his son to get on the stage only after the songs are out, since there are a lot of good songs in the movie. A.R. Rahman has done the music for the movie and it would surely be a foolish thing to do, if they go up on the stage without his songs.


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