Rakhi Sawant, the queen of drama and controversy is enjoying her time on the small screen now. The ever hyper Rakhi is busy dispensing blobs of justice to the deserving via her show ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’ . While the show has not been able to be as impressive as her own ‘swaymvaar’ had, she is not doing too badly either.

But it is the traditional Indian girl that resides in her heart, emphasizes Rakhi. All the festivals are celebrated in accordance with tradition in her household and Rakhi, apparently,  become a homely person when it is a festive season.

The decorations that make her house stand out are traditional as well along with the various mouth watering, sumptuous dishes. It was no exception this Diwali either. Rakhi admitted that she had celebrated the festival of lights with the usual ‘Dhoom Dhamaka’.

However, she regrets that she could not find the time to step into the kitchen this Diwali on account of her busy schedule. Instead, she instructed her maid on how to make the kheer which turned out to be delicious as well. She had her family members come over but shied away from inviting her friends. There are no friends in the industry, says Rakhi philosophically as she labels them all as ‘matlabis’.


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