Hundreds of guys are ready to give their lives for the bold and beautiful item girl Rakhi Sawant but no one can ever imagine that she will take someone’s life! Well, this has not happened in reality but the family of a 24-year-old man is blaming Rakhi for their son’s death.

Rakhi Sawant is busy these days giving ‘insaaf’ (justice) to the countrymen through her show ‘Rakhi Ka Insaaf’ but now she will probably have to look for justice for herself! Recently, a family appeared on the show with the main contenders Laksham Prasad and his wife Vineeta. They were from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh.

During this show, Rakhi had allegedly called the man ‘impotent’ and this has hurt Laksham. According to his mother Savitri Ahirwal, her son took this to his heart and went into depression. He was very disturbed with this indecent remark by Rakhi and even started avoiding food. His mother said that her son became very week and finally died and she blames Rakhi Sawant for the death of her son.

This family came to the show to solve Laksham’s marital issue, who got married in February 2010. Even if no one can blame Rakhi directly for the demise of the guy but can she fully deny the fact that her harsh words did not affect him?

People watch television for entertainment and information but Imagine TV has come up with this show, where most of the people are seen using abusive words and fighting on camera. So, is not the channel also morally responsible for the same to hire such foul mouthed lady for judging and solving the family problems of common men?


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