Rajeev Khandelwal and Prachi Desai have moved to films after starting their careers with television, but the duo is still prudish about locking lips on screen. Both Rajeev and Prachi had reservation about kissing scene for their film Main Joker. The director Vikram Tuli tried his best to convince the two but they didn’t budge.

Speaking to a tabloid, Tuli admitted that he wasn’t able to pull off the kissing scene which is supposed to take place during the shooting of a song. Despite the refusal, Tuli hasn’t given up on the shot.

Prachi Desai was quoted saying that she didn’t have a ‘no kissing’ clause in her contract and was willing to do whatever is required for the film. Rajeev though maintained that he didn’t want to supersede the director but he has reservation about kissing on camera.

Strange that our Gujju babe Prachi has no objections but it’s the hunk Rajeev who’s backed out. Fans certainly will be disappointed as they’ve been deprived of what could have been a famous lip-lock between the two conservative TV stars.

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