For Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, the week started with a sudden raid at her residence and office by the Income Tax officials. Since then, a news was doing the rounds that the officials have recovered a huge amount unaccounted assets of Rs 6 crore during that raid.

However, the chartered accountant of the actress made it clear that the amount recovered by the authorities was less than Rs 50,000. He added that this little amount was also accounted in the books like all her earnings. He rubbished the media reports saying that Priyanka and her immediate family members’ properties have been declared at various times when required.

In fact, the account said that the entire jewellery of the actress and her family, have also been accounted. He repeatedly said that no undisclosed assets were found by the I-T officials.

Priyanka Chopra is one of highest tax paying actresses in Bollywood now. The accountant said that they fully co-operated with the Income Tax authorities during the investigation. The announcement was made following the rise of the rumours about alleged concealment of income by Priyanka.

On the same day, the Income Tax officials conducted raids at the house of another


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