‘Desi girl’ Priyanka Chopra surely has a mind of her own. Never to be seen doing a sexy ‘matka jhatka’ item song, she doesn’t mind doing the same in a marriage party. When asked about her’ choices’, she revealed she wasn’t  okay with the fact that she has to dance in front of a live audience, but dancing at weddings is okay with her. As if weddings do not have live audience!!! Apparently she has no problems dancing on hot numbers and does full justice to them. She is a total ‘paisa vasool’.

Courting controversy for being the ‘special friend’ of hottie Shahid Kapur; she is in news this time for allegedly refusing a min boggling three crore to dance at the New Year’s Eve.  She was seen in Delhi at a private wedding and was back in the ‘mayanagri’ Mumbai to dance at another private wedding, organized at Turf Club on Saturday.

The former Miss World is a high maintenance wedding attraction. Organizes had to shell out a hefty sum of 2 crore for her to come and shake a leg. People were seen enjoying and having a gala time at the wedding. Lucky all those people who were invited to a PC starrer wedding function.

Rumor has it that she performs solo at such events and charges about two crore per occasion. She performs on all her hot number till date. People like her performances and lap it up with great enthusiasm.


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