The latest talk doing the rounds in tellyland is that Prabhleen Sandhu (a.k.a Vidya of Aapki Antara fame) will be getting married soon. The identity of the groom though is still to be revealed.

According to gossipmongers, Prabhleen is said to be seeing an unheralded producer. This gentleman is said to be producing a show on Doordarshan. The duo has known each other for some time now. Few weeks back, Prabhleen had gone on a long vacation to Punjab perhaps to formalize her wedding.

These rumours have gained momentum with Prabhleen’s custom messages on a popular social networking portal. The present one reads as ‘pleasant yet such unpleasant surprises of life’.

A source to the actress informs, “Well, I haven’t received the wedding card yet. I’ve heard the same but, I don’t think the wedding will take place soon. It might even take a year.”

Despite repeated attempts, Sandhu remained unavailable for comment.


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