“Dancing with the Stars “might tread on a different path next season as buzz is doing the rounds that Portia DeGeneres will feature in the next season with her partner Ellen. The news was revealed in Ryan Seacrest’s radio show where he remarked to Portia that chances of her featuring in the show are quite high. E Online has also added that Portia will come together with Ellen, her partner whom she married in 2008.

When Ryan broke the news to Portia she seemed to be quite surprised as she had no idea that she will feature in the show along with her same sex partner Ellen. Ryan’s revelation was not baseless as Portia commented “It might be possible given the fact that I was a ballet dancer “

Portia has been on a whirlwind tour and  busy promoting her new book “Unbearable Lightness “ and commented that “finally I seem to have become more open and frank about my sexual preferences”. Portia also added that Ellen had also helped her to reach out to people who need help and in this process she has come out with her sense of guilt

News are trickling in that the production team of “Dancing with the Stars” are monitoring the Israeli version of the show which will have a same sex partner on board. So, it’s quite obvious that if everything goes well we might catch Portia and Ellen in” Dancing with the Stars”. The show is all about the inherent talent in an individual and all other factors like sex, religion, colour should not matter .What do you guys think?


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