A new play, which claims that Aristotle Onassis was behind the assassination of US senator Robert Kennedy, has angered the Onassis family.

The play suggests Onassis ordered the assassination to pave the way for his marriage to John F Kennedy’s widow, a union that Robert Kennedy opposed.

The play is based on a book ‘Nemesis’, by Peter Evans.

“The Onassis Foundation does not wish to comment on Mr Evans’ fiction or the play based on it. It is forced to underline, however, that Mr Evans’ book is not a biography, and not even written with the permission of Aristotle Onassis. From what we know, such permission has never been granted to Mr Evans,” The Telegraph quoted a statement released by the Foundation.

“It is not based on serious research, but on rumours flying about Aristotle Onassis. It is no coincidence that it was published many years after the death of Onassis himself and all the witnesses cited by the author,” it read.

“We hope that the Greek and international press will not be exposed by reproducing uncritically as ‘facts’ things that affect Aristotle Onassis’ memory, and only help the release of Mr Evans’ book.” (ANI)


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