There’s been plenty of speculation surrounding the fate of few shows on Imagine TV as new shows are waiting in the wings. Balaji Telefilms’ Sarvagunn Sampann solved one mystery by taking up the vacant 7.00pm slot but one existing show will definitely have to make way for UTV’s upcoming daily.

The axe will more or less fall on Rashmi Sharma’s Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein. While that’s a distinct possibility, viewers will be stunned to see the return of Karan (played by Shoaib Ibrahim), who was declared dead quite some time back.

How does Karan come back to life?

“It will be soon be revealed that Karan wasn’t dead but he was in lying in coma at a hospital. Back then, Karan’s body couldn’t be revealed. Thus as per Hindu tradition, the family lay a mannequin on flames when the deceased’s body isn’t found,” said Ibrahim.

Apparently, the positive happenings in the show all the more lead to speculation that the show is coming to its logical end.

When asked about whether the show is shutting down, Ibrahim replied, “Frankly speaking, we haven’t been told anything about it.”

Producer Rashmi Sharma remained unavailable for comment.


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