Veteran rock band Noori is reportedly set to make a comeback after their hiatus since releasing their second album ‘Peeli Patti Aur Raja Jani Ki Gol Dunya’, and is planning to collaborate with musicians across the border.

Speaking about the project which is part of travel music show Fox Traveller’s ‘SoundTrek’, lead vocalist Ali Noor said that visiting different sites, discovering new styles and exploring locations in India “was a once in a lifetime experience” which allowed the “creative juices to flow”, the Express Tribune reported.

Noor further reveals that the band ran into the Indian jazz-folk duo Adil and Vasundhara during their last US tour and in their next cover ‘Saari Raat’, he will just be playing the guitar.

Noori, which is currently in a transitional phase as drummer Gumby has made his exit, is the only Pakistani band in the ‘SoundTrek’ series amongst Indian musicians such as Avial, Lucky Ali, Indus Creed and others, and plans to work on a single soon with musical duo Hari and Sukhmani. (ANI)


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