Television celebrity and ace host Oprah Winfrey has certainly experienced something in real life that has left everyone spell bound including her of course.

Recently news about how she met her half sister after so many years of not even having an inkling of her existence has created quite a sensation all over.

Oprah, who is well known to host television shows with élan has many delicate issues handled on her chat show but this real life incident in her own life has certainly proved the saying that truth is stranger than fiction.

The revelation about her half sister came at one of her shows where her sister’s identity was kept a secret right from the beginning. Oprah just called her sister Patricia without giving any details.  Then the moment arrived when the viewers were told about the secret and the identity of Patricia.

Oprah said that it was the miracle of miracles and then she brought out her half sister telling everyone how this 48 year old Milwaukee woman had been given up for adoption by their mom Vernita Lee right after the baby was born. After that Patricia had reportedly been shifted from one foster home to the other till she was finally adopted at age seven.

For years after that the hunt for her real mother had stopped and it was only recently after Patricia’s grown up kids insisted that the hunt for Patricia’s biological mother should be initiated.

Thus, it was after Patricia’s great efforts to search for blood relatives that she chanced upon meeting Oprah her half sister on Thanksgiving Day last year.

The emotional moment came when Winfrey said that despite having known that Oprah was her sister since 2007, Patricia had never ever tried to take advantage of the circumstances and chose to keep things to herself while trying to get in touch with Oprah, Mrs Lee and others in the family.


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