What’s up with our TV stars this summer that they are falling down like nine pins? If it’s not the rising mercury, viral fever or work stress, TV actors are hurting themselves on dance floor or gym.

Karan Mehra, a.k.a Ganesia of Agle Janam Mohe Bitiyia Hi Kijo fame, tore his ligament while working out in the gym.

“I’ll have to agree with you that we actors are falling like nine pins. It’s been five days since I tore a ligament in my left leg. The doctors felt that it resulted from lifting excess weight. I only realised the damage a few days later when the pain became unbearable. I’ve been advised bed rest, and I’m using walking stick,” said Mehra.

For Mehra, this injury has come at an inappropriate time as he was looking to make a comeback to Agle janam…..

“Ganesia’s has been longing to return to Agle janam.. He was to unite with Laali after she’s dumped by Loha Singh upon giving him his cherished male child. While I haven’t received much communication from the producers, this track has been in offing for a long time. This injury has come at the wrong time. Hopefully, I should be fine in a week’s time,” replied the actor.

We wish the actor a speedy recovery.


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