Anandi’s stars aren’t shining this summer. Perhaps, she needs to consult a noted astrologer to ease her woes. First she got shot, lost her memory and suffered partial hearing loss (side effect of the gun shot). Yet another tragedy was averted in ‘Balika Vadhu’ when Anandi came out unhurt in the fire that broke out in the kitchen.

A little birdie from the sets informs, “We shot a small sequence wherein Anandi survives a potential tragic episode. She’s not yet fully recovered from her injuries. In the particular scene, Anandi leaves the gas on in the kitchen. After a while, she come back and lights up the gas. Expectedly, a fire breaks out in the kitchen. Before the fire could escalate, the maid extinguished it. Anandi escaped unhurt.”

A few weeks back, a group of Brahmins left Kalyani Devi’s house in dismay, complaining about the excess salt in the food. Was the kitchen fire a result of their curse?

“Not really, this fire incident is a small thing. It’s not as big as her getting shot. Anandi commits a blunder and Dadisa is out to blast her again. As always, the girl is left in tears,” replied the source.

The last time our dear Anandi was in trouble, Avika Gor was all over the media. Unfortunately, that track got lost into IPL. We wonder how viewers will react to this feiry episode.

The above episode is expected to air in a day or two.


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