The capital’s movie and comedy buffs are in for a treat with SpoofhMania, an international short film festival of spoofs.

The event will be organised here around October or November by Filmbooth, a Delhi-based short film organisation to celebrate creativity in humour and entertainment, said a statement.

A first-of-its kind festival, SpoofhMania marks spoof as a distinct genre of cinema and will reward independent and mainstream filmmakers for their creations.

Filmbooth, a platform with over 500 independent filmmakers and over 3,000 young creative artists and professionals, has taken the crowdfunding route to raise funds and nurture the support of its fans to make the fest a success.

Apart from the short film competition, SpoofhMania promises to have retrospective on spoof cinema, stand up gigs, spoofy art exhibition and sessions by ‘The Ministers of Spoof’.


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