The viewers of ABC’s ‘No Ordinary Family’ got a surprise in last episode as a villainous super power entered the show creating trouble for the Powell family. It was a fun-filled strong episode where Jim and Stephanie got the opportunity to fully utilize their power to save the people from the wrath of that super powered arsonist.

Jim and Stephanie planned to celebrate their 18th anniversary just by themselves without the kids. But this arsonist spoiled their special day. However, after saving some people from the fire, Jim and Stephanie continued with their plans. So they planned to bring a baby sitter for the kids but Daphne came up saying that she can take care. JJ wanted a supercomputer and Stephanie asked him to manage with his allowance. Now, he plans to arrange a poker game with his friends so that he can arrange the money by cheating them in the game. JJ fails to cheat his friends in presence of Katie and the Watcher, whom Stephanie asked to keep an eye on the kids. Even Daphne fails to help him out because of the Watcher.

On the other hand, Stephanie is excited with the gift from Jim. It’s a marble statue of two hands and Jim says it is the symbol of their togetherness in any situation. But they face awkward situations at the restaurant and later decided to settle with the hotdogs. On the way, the arsonist attacks Jim saying that he should not come on his way. They start hitting each other and the arsonist creates fire with his hand and Stephanie arrives to save Jim from his attack. She attacks the arsonist on the head with a pole and thus saves Jim.

In brief, it was a conflict of super powers!

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