Some of the Telugu film lovers might remember that it was director Vikram who first spotted and introduced Shriya to the Telugu film world in ‘Ishtam’. Latest news suggests that the director has come up with a unique script and he has roped in Nithin for the upcoming film. The director recently narrated the script to Nithin and the actor was very impressed with the subject and immediately agreed.

Vikram shot to fame with the horror film ‘13B’ which starred Madhavan in the lead role. Nithin has been away from the limelight for quite some time and the next movie with Vikram might solidify his position as a superstar in Telugu cinema. Nithin’s last film ‘Sitaramula Kalyanam Lankalo’ bombed at the box office and he desperately needs his next film to do well commercially. Rumor has it that Nithin is very impressed by the new script and has agreed to portray the role in Vikram’s upcoming project. Sources inside the Telugu film industry suggest that a relative of a prominent Telangana politician has agreed to produce the film. After 14 successive flops Nithin needs to reclaim his position in the hearts of the Telugu film lovers with the next film. Let us hope the new movie brings Nithin back on the track.


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