‘Jersey Shore’ star Nicole Snooki Polizzi has revealed that one of her worst moments after a night of drinking was waking up in a garbage bin.

Polizzi, who appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, opened up about her hard-partying ways.

“Sometimes I want to remember my night, and sometimes I just don’t. It really sucks,” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as telling DeGeneres.

“So you’re like, ‘What did I do? Why did I wake up in a garbage can?’” she said.

DeGeneres asked Polizzi how often she found herself in such a horrible situation.

“Oh, like once a month,” she replied.

However Polizzi said her new year’s resolution was to clean up her life by cutting back on drinking, eating healthy and exercising regularly.

“I’ve actually calmed down a lot on my drinking,” she added. (ANI)


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