Nicole Kidman is a star in the truest sense of the term. The  star who is well remembered for her stark roles in the Hollywood flicks To Die For , Australia and The Compass amongst other films  has recently gone on to say that to enact the role of a woman going through  the raw emotion of losing a child in her forth coming flick RABBIT HOLE was quite tough.

Reportedly the star wanted to get into a grief counseling session but was not allowed entry as the authorities felt that it would be too much for the grieving parents to go through as their emotions were too raw to bear anything much.

However, Nicole Kidman who is the  mom of a cute little daughter Sunday Rose with Keith Urban went on to admit that she had been able to deliver her best for the role due to the fact that her emotions too were quite raw after giving birth to their daughter.

Going by reports in some leading tabloids, this is one star who has also gone on to admit that becoming a mom at an older age has certainly changed her.

She has accepted that earlier when she and her ex Tom Cruise had adapted kids, she herself was too young to realize the implications as she was just in her twenties. However at 43 the actress feels much more emotionally charged and a deep fear lies within her as she wants to live for her little daughter.


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