Neverland is a sweet and interesting story of a boy called Peter, who never ages. It is a 90 minute story filmed in two parts. The 14 year old English child actor Charlie Rowe, who played Young Tommy in Never Let Me Go, is playing the lead character Peter Pan.

The movie is based on the famous fairy tale by J.M. Barrie. The story starts showing Peter as an orphan, who earns his living as a pick-pocketer. He is brought up in the streets of London and has a group of young and cunning pick pocketer friends, who are fearless. Their mentor Jimmy Hook assigns them a job to snatch a priceless treasure, which is supposed to have magical powers and takes them to another world.

Neverland welcomes the group with eternal youth, legendary mysteries and they face a band of 18th century pirates, who are led by the power-crazy Elizabeth Bonny. They also meet the Native American Kaw tribe, who are led by a Holy Man. The Holy man protects the tree spirits from Bonny and her evil gang.

They are also caught in the fight to save the strange world but realize that it is better to grow up in their land than staying young here in Neverland.


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