Model and actress Neha Dhupia is taking into the world of business quite seriously. She has recently lined up to sell her own brand of innerwear to sell on a corporate website. She has been putting the idea into action for several months now and presently is in the process of finalizing the project.

She works in close association with designers and team members to personally pick up the innerwear and also shoes. According to a source close to Neha , she has a huge passion for shoes and inners and her basic aim is that the ladies get a high quality material in India itself. She frequently shops for shoes and inner in foreign locales.

She feels that the ladies are extremely coy about buying innerwear at shops all over the country. So she decided to put all of it under one roof for the people to make an affordable pricing. The online store will have a variety of lingerie to choose from in the comfort of their homes. The lingerie will be easy to wear, comfortable and stylish. She plans to model these innerwear in future so as to promote them. We hope that the company prospers by leaps and bounds. Rest is upon God and Neha’s efforts.


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