Nargis Fakhri, a new star on the horizon of Bollywood and the female lead in Ranbir kapoor’s “Rockstar” is now in heavens as, on her recent birth day she has got the surprise of the life. It all happened when the troupe of the ‘Rockstar” was on a promotional visit to Nagpur and during the flight everyone was simply sitting and discussing about the film when somebody ask her to come out of the cabin.

When she returned, everyone was on their feet singing the “Happy Birthday ‘song. She got spellbound as she, in her wildest of the dreams, could not imagine what they are up to. Ranbir had already made everything ready for the occasion when he took out the chocolate cake which was specially arranged from the best baker’s shop of the Mumbai and quietly smuggled into the chartered plane. She cut the cake in the presence of the fellow crew members that is Mohit Chauhan, Producer Hiren Gandhi and above all Ranbir, her best friend and co-star of the film.

It was supposed to be one of the most memorable events of her life. Its also known that Ranbir and Nargis share a warm chemistry both onscreen and off screen, and surely her birthday celebrations have made both the starlets more close to each other.


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