Although Karthi’s previous film, Paiyaa, has been considered a successful winner at the box office, the film received mixed reviews. As a matter of fact, most of the audiences, after watching the film, felt that it was overdosed with more than a dozen of fight sequences. With Karthi’s upcoming release Naan Mahan Alla’s teasers being aired on all satellite channels, the assumptions are turning out to be the same.

But, closer sources have revealed that NMA is completely different from Paiyaa and that the film doesn’t have a stunt sequence until the climax. Wow! That sounds interesting, isn’t? The complete first half is all about fun and romance and an unexpected twist after 20 minuntes of interval is expected to push the proceedings with extreme raciness.

Recently, filmmaker Susindhran had mentioned that the film will have not have stunts and fight sequences just as the protagonist comes across as the baddie. But as audiences start losing their patience against the villain and his gruesome tortures, it’s time for the hero to rise and take him down.

It looks like Susindhran had taken special efforts to craft the screenplay in accordance with audiences’ psychology.

– R. Richard Mahesh / Sampurn


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