One can never predict what fate has in store or what turn may change ones life for ever. And the same seems to be the case with Rubina who essays the role of Radhika in the Zee television show Chhoti Bahu.

It is a well known fact that Rubina who was studying to become an IAS officer had no plans to act. But an audition, initially given for the sake of fun brought Rubina to play the lead in Chhoti Bahu. “Chhoti Bahu called me to Mumbai. I had other plans otherwise. But it seems I was meant to play the Radhika!”

It’s been two years since the Shimla based girl first landed in Mumbai and is going great. Rubina is presently continuing with her studies through correspondence along with her acting profession.

Well, guess it was Mumbai calling for this Shimla girl after all.


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