MTV’s war against the rest of the society has been going on since it declared that it will air an adaptation of the controversial teen television series, “Skins.” “Skins” has always run into controversies as it deals with teen age problems like drug abuse, eating disorders,
sexual topics and mental problems etc. If it was one of those shows which would ask you not to use drugs and show you how to get rid of all kinds of disorders, then it would not have run into so much trouble, but the fact is that “Skins” shows the problems and things that exist around a teenager and leaves it that way.

Many companies have refused to tie up with MTV if they air the show without sobering it down with certain modifications but MTV has clearly stated that they will air the show exactly as it was made. They have stated that they don’t want to destroy the vision of the creator and will stand by the original creation. There have been reports that the viewership has taken a terrible fall after the second episode was aired on Monday. It is being said that the parents TV council has also been running after every company asking them to cut ties with the show.

PETA has recently approached MTV and taken a slot to air an advertisement which urges people to avoid the usage of fur. They said that keeping MTV’s controversial show and media boycott in mind, they have lent a hand to the channel to attract some positive media coverage.


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