Miley Cyrus is out with her latest music video, which is more provocative than all her previous ones.

The singer, 17, has released her new video for ‘Who Owns My Heart’, and will no doubt stir more controversy from her racy dance moves and barely-there wardrobe, reports the Daily Mail.

A scantily clad Miley starts the clip by writhing in her underwear on a bed where she starts singing lines like ‘dancing on the floor with you…. I feel you pumping through my veins’.

The teenager then gets up to put her make-up and skimpy outfit on for a night at a club, despite being under-age and unable to drink alcohol.

The clip then skips to a scene in the back of a car, where Miss Cyrus is on her way to the club wearing barely-there hot pants.

She continues to sing while showing off her legs before finally arriving at the club to dance and grind with both men and women.

Her latest song explores Miley’s confusion over ‘who owns her heart’, and she clearly isn’t holding back her sexy image despite the criticism she’s received in the past.

‘Who Owns My Heart’ is the latest single to be released from her third studio album ‘Can’t Be Tamed’. (ANI)


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