Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ has been named as the best music video on MySpace.

The video, which was released back in 1983, has remained a popular music video, the Herald Sun reported.

At number two was Lady GaGa’s (feat. Beyonce) ‘Telephone’, and at number three was AC/DC’s ‘Long Way To The Top’, with Daft Punk’s ‘Around The World’ landing at number four.

The top ten music videos that made it to the list were:

1 Michael Jackson – Thriller

2 Lady GaGa (feat. Beyonce) – Telephone

3 AC/DC – Long Way To The Top

4 Daft Punk – Around The World

5 Michael Jackson – Thriller

6 My Chemical Romance – Helena

7 Britney Spears – Baby, One More Time

8 OK Go – Here It Goes Again

9 Jay-Z – 99 Problems

10 Johnny Cash – Hurt (ANI)


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