American actor Matt Damon, who has been seen playing Texas Ranger La Boeuf in the Western-style action True Grit, had to take help of his makeup artists when it came to have those much needed facial hair for his character.

The 40 year old actor said that he wanted to grow them naturally but he could not do that as it was required to be very long. Damon said that he had to struggle a lot to grow that facial hair for his character.

The movie, which has been written and directed by Ethan and Joel Coen, needed him to have a moustache and large sideburns. However, Matt is thankful to the makeup artists, who had an alternative option for him. They glued those fake sideburns and moustache on his face making him look perfect for the character.

Damon further added that he would love to grow the real ones but he is doubtful if his wife Luciana Barroso would have liked it. Well, why do you need to take so much effort to grow the real ones when you can go well with the fake sideburns and moustache?

However, no one can question his authentic look in True Grit, be it real or fake!


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