It has been more than a month that Master Chef India has started its journey in Star Plus with Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. Each episode comes with a new surprise and lip smacking dishes. After the initial audition period, 12 top contestants were chosen to enter the Master Chef kitchen to face the ultimate competition.

Last week, we saw beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gracing the show and the contestants prepared a ‘rasgulla chocolate cake’. This week the contestants faced an outdoor challenge and they will have to please a gang of truck drivers with their dishes. The remaining 10 ‘Master Chef’ contestants was taken to a roadside Punjabi dhaba

Both the Chefs Ajay Chopra and Kunal Kapoor are hardcore Punjabis and it is going to be tough time for the contestants to please them as well as those drivers as they are habituated to the dhaba foods. They contestants were divided into two groups and they got all the dhaba equipment to prepare the desi menu. Punjabis are known to be great foodies so the contestants had to prepare food in huge quantities.

The third judge Askhay Kumar is also a Punjabi and a great food lover so the contestants had a real tough challenge to impress all of them. Moreover, Akshay was not in his real identity as he disguised himself as one of those drivers and none of the contestants was able to identify him. He spoke so fluent Punjabi that it was difficult for the contestants to recognize him.

Watch out this space for more updates on this show!


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