Star Plus’ delicious reality show ‘Master Chef India’ always has some surprise in store for its viewers and contestants. However, this week the contestants will get the biggest surprise and it is going to bring tears in their eyes.

Among the top 12 Master Chef contestants, the show is now left with only seven contestants and they will face the greatest challenges ahead. So, before facing the high pressure, the judges thought to give them a relief from the challenge and provide some emotional support to strengthen their morals.

Akshay Kumar along with the other two judges Kunal Kapoor and Ajay Chopra will bring the families of the contestants on the sets so that they can spend some time with them before starting for the next challenge. They have been away from their family members for months to participate in the show so it’s like a big boost for them to be with their respective families.

Zebi breaks down into tears seeing her husband after so many days. Pankaj, who has been a teacher by profession and is supposed to be a very strong person, also could not control her emotions meeting her son and husband. Joe’s family is in the United States so he did not expect to see them but he was taken aback when he saw them standing behind him. He was in tears while hugging his little daughter. Mrs Kandla was also touched to see her husband on the show.

However, the surprise does not end here because the contestants will now prepare dishes for their families and the families will decide the best dish. The families will not be informed which dishes are prepared by whom so they also need to identify the dish prepared by their family member.

It will be interesting to see if the families can identify the dish prepared by their loved one or they end up rejecting the dish prepared by their family member itself!

–Sampurn Wire


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