Manchu Vishnu, Hansika Motvani’s recent release ‘Denikaina Ready’ directed by G.Nageswara Reddy is declared hit by film critics and trade analysts. This delighted Vishnu who has been craving for success for long. Even his dad Collection King Mohan Babu who produced the film on 24 Frames Factory is delighted and when all of them started celebrating the success with reports from overseas also encouraging, brahmin organisations started protesting over some scenes in the film which showed them in bad light.

In the film “Denikaina Ready”, Brahmins are shown eating Chicken Haleem and chicken chops, and married brahmin woman commenting that any male touch reminded of her husband, which caused furor among the community. Brahmin organisations started protesting against the film makers and started shouting slogans against Vishnu, director and producer reaching Mohan Babu’s house. However Mohan Babu who later came to know about the incident raised tempers saying, “Those who protested in front of my house are not real Brahmans and they are all Blackmailers and they might have come for some money.”

Mohan Babu who give lectures on values and principles in this way irked the community as a whole who approached the court. They also logged a complaint against Denikaina Ready movie at Film Chamber of commerce in Hyderabad. They demanded an immediate ban on this movie as the whole movie hurting the Brahmin community sentiments. According to latest information Malkajgiri Court asked police to book criminal cases against Vishnu, Mohan Babu, G.Nageswara Reddy and Brahmanandam over the scenes. It has to be seen what will be the reaction of the film makers.


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