Director Manas Basu is coming up with a new Bengali movie, which is titled Basantaa Bilop. The film is said to have a bit of sexual comedy with actors like Partha Sarathi, Shaheb, Tina, Pamela, fresher Rajnandini Dutta and Siddhartha Guha.

This hardcore comedy movie will keep the sexual comedy bit in sublime and the rest will be left to the audience, said the director Manas Basu. Talking about the storyline, Basu said that it is about two friends Kishu and Abu, who live in North Kolkata. After completing their education, they are searching for a job. These guys do not have any women in their lives and that is the main reason for their frustration. After some time, three fashion designing female students join them in their neighborhood. The consequence of this will be shown in the movie, said Basu.

Basu justifies the title of the movie adding that since these youths have lost ‘Spring’ from their lives the name is given Basantaa Bilop, which means ‘loss of spring’. The director is confident about playing on the curiosity of audience and drawing them to the theatres because of the similarity of its name with the 1973 movie Basanta Bilap.

Sayantan Mukherjee has penned the script for this movie and the unit will start shooting at different locations in North Kolkata on 24th August.


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