SAB TV’s ‘Jugni Chali Jalandar’, the show based on a sweet couple hailing from north, will be soon closing down and will telecast its last show on 14th of this month. Accordingly, the last shoot of the show has concluded yesterday. The team had a gala time on the sets with a small get-together and party after the shoot was over. And our protagonist of the show Muskaan Mihani too bid adieu to the show with tears.

An onlooker from the sets informs, “Muskaan was the only who was very sentimental on the sets of Jugni on the last day of shoot. Jugni was continuously crying while shooting the last scene of the show. Elaborating on the scene, an onlooker said, “The scene was such, where Jugni says, ‘I love you’ to Vicky (Karan Godwan) and in return he says the same to her. But to say this bit she would break down and kept on wiping her tears”.

We contacted Muskaan and she said, “Yes, I cried on the sets for almost 6 hours. I really cannot digest the truth of ‘Jugni’ going off air as it was my first show and I was quite attached to it. I am a very emotional person by nature, and cannot move on easily. I hope people accept me in other types of roles also”.

That’s a valid reason for you to cry for such a long time, Muskaan, but do remember that everything happens for the best, so something great might be definitely waiting for you!


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