Lady Gaga is absolutely in love with Indian cuisine and says that she wants to eat so much that she goes into an ‘Indian food coma’.

Unfortunately, her managers have banned her from taking Indian food before goes on stage, fearing it would put off other dancers.

“I just love to eat Indian food. I go for curry whenever I can. I could eat it every day, but I get hot because I like it spicy,” the Daily Star quoted Gaga as saying.

“Afterwards I just sweat, but it’s nice to have a little glow in your face

“I want to eat so much and just go into an Indian food coma,” she said.

The ‘Born This Way’ singer said that she can’t stop raving about the cuisine to her friends.

“I don’t mind chicken or lamb. I cannot talk enough to friends about how great Indian culture is,” she said.

The star also confirmed that she is barred from her favourite stuff before her performances.

“It’s too spicy for me to eat before I perform. On tour I eat chicken and hummus. I’m on a very strict healthy pop star diet,” she said.

“I think everyone working with her will be happy with the curry ban,” a pop insider was quoted as saying. (ANI)


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