Loha Singh (Sudesh Berry) might be weird but is currently the happiest Grandfather on earth because since he has received a good news about Laali (Ratan Rajput) being pregnant, he is behaving very strangely as he thinks that now the time has come to gain profit of his investment and thus he has planned one of such odd idea to know about his heir.

A source informs, “Laali will be asked to sit on a weighing machine so that Loha Singh could get her exact weight and also he could know how fast his grandson is growing along with Laali. So a big weighing machine (Tarazu) has been brought on the sets so that Laali could sit on it and Loha Singh can weigh her exact weight.”

Sounds weird but that’s the only way to know the weight in a backward village.

We tried hard to get in touch with Ratan but she remained unavailable for the comment.

Whatever may be the sequence, the size-zero protagonist (Laali) is going to have a gala time sitting on a weighing machine, isn’t it?


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