Kunal Verma and Pooja Bose are seeing each other. For long, it has been speculated. Some even joked (April Fool) that the two have secretly gotten married in Panchgani. Amidst these incessant speculative reports, the duo has always maintained that they are friends. Bose clarified this to us earlier. It’s now Verma who is seconding Bose’s claim. In fact, the actor, who usually is very reticent, is now tired of such gossip.

“There’s a prominent entertainment newspaper which wrote all these lies about my personal life. I’ve had enough of such gossip. Time and again, the media keeps coming up with such stories, but as always, there’s no truth in it,” said Verma.

Adding to that, he says, “Look, you develop a bond with your colleagues while shooting together. After all, most of the time you see the same faces. It’s not just with Pooja but also with my other colleagues from ‘Tujh Sangh Preet Lagayi Sajna’. I’m not the one to hide anything about my personal life. If at all, there’s a girl in my life, I will surely come and disclose it to the whole world. Presently, I’m solely concentrating on my career.”

Guess, it’s high time we (media) take the actor’s word and assume that he’s indeed very much single and eligible too. Hey girls, what you’re waiting for?


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