Breaks aren’t common in the industry. But once you get one, you ought to make the best use of them. Kunal Verma, who’s out of action since Tujh Sangh Preet Layai Sajna went off air, returned from a North India tour recently. The actor visited the famous Vaishno Devi temple before travelling to Amritsar and Agra.

TellyCafe caught up with Verma and asked if there is any unfulfilled wish which he wants the Goddess to grant.

“No. God has already given more than enough to me. There was nothing on my wish list this time. I went purely to see the beauty of the place. This was just the second time I’ve been to Vaishno Devi. I couldn’t go in the famous cave. The queue was just too big,” Verma said.

Verma, who walked all the way up to the mountain, must have been hounded by fans.

“Most people gazed at me, unsure whether they were looking at the actor. My friends though told them, I was indeed their Yug. They even signed autographs for me. Though, I didn’t wish for this, as I was on religious visit, it was heart warming to see the warmth shown by the people,” replied the actor.

“The only unpleasant experience was the khacchar ride. Khachcar is the animal borne out of mating between a horse and a donkey. Travelling down from the mountain on a horse is never an easy ride. Without a proper and thick cushion, an individual will be left with a sore, sore back, especially your… rear,” he adds with a farawar look in his eyes.

“I really couldn’t understand whether this (animal) was a donkey or a horse. The khachchar ride was perhaps the only tough part of my Vaishno Devi journey. Half through the return journey, I got off from the khachcar and walked all my way down. I realized that when coming down the slope, it’s better to walk. The night was tough as we gave ourselves a much needed massage and didn’t wake up till late next morning,” Verma sighed.

Verma and friends then visited Amritsar and Agra before returning to Mumbai on 10 May.


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