Pretty babe Pooja Bose is back on the screen. This time, she’s playing a Lavani dancer in Balaji Telefilms’ and Imagine TV’s ‘Sarvagunn Sampann’. Fans have welcomed her back but it hasn’t been an easy return for the actress who was rumoured to be on her way out from the show.

TellyCafe was the first to report on this story some time ago as various theories had cropped up over this possibility. Poor performance, objection from her parents and marriage; these were some of the rumours doing the rounds behind Pooja’s alleged ouster.

Bose, who hadn’t responded to us earlier, called us to explain her position.

“Ever since this report came up, I’ve been flooded with calls from scribes asking whether there’s any truth to it. The production or the channel hasn’t said anything to me. So, I’d like to know who these people are that are spreading such rumours about me,” said Bose.

We caught up with the actress yesterday at the show’s press conference and this time, she chose to snub this topic. This was her moment of joy and we certainly didn’t want to play spoilsport. Besides, Bose appeared restrained and spoke in monosyllables. She got active while narrating her week long experience in Kolhapur, however.

“Though Kolhapur is part of Maharashtra, it has a different culture compared to other areas of the state. We’ve been received very warmly by the locals. They derive pleasure in the fact that here’s a show that depicts one of their own. They come to see me dance. The food is very spicy. I haven’t yet tasted the traditional Misal Pav, but I really loved the thali,” Bose sighed.

Finally, if it’s Pooja then we ought to talk about Krunal Verma. For long it’s been buzzed that the duo has been seeing each other but kept their liaison private.

“There were rumours about our marriage but there’s nothing between us. Krunal is just a friend like Sandeep (Baswana). The three of us are very good friends,” exclaimed the actress.

However, when asked whether she’s in regular touch with Krunal, Bose replied, “That’s not possible as I’m tied up with this show.”

Hmm! Is Bose starting to miss Krunal already? Don’t be surprised if Verma too joins the cast of Sarvagunn Sampann. Irrespective of the fact whether they are a couple or not, fans certainly will welcome this idea.


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