Bella, Kristen Stewart’s “Twilight” name, was the most popular dog name in 2010, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.

The romantic heroine was also popular name for cats: It was the second most popular name for felines, reports the New York Daily News.

Other top names for dogs included Bailey, Max, Lucy, Molly, Buddy, Maggie, Daisy and Sophie.

Cat owners chose Max, Chloe and Oliver.

But not everyone likes to give his or her cat or dog an ordinary name. Many like to choose a statement moniker.

Some off-the-wall canine names from 2010 included Pickle Von Corndog, Badonkadonnk, Ninjastar Dangerrock, and Lord Chubby Pruneface.

Cat owners apparently also like to be creative. Top bizarre names for kitties included Admiral Pancake, Senor Nachos, Miss Headbutter and Meepmeep. (ANI)


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