Stripping in Hollywood is not a very big thing as many renowned Hollywood babes have done it for the sake of their role. So, what is the big deal when Twilight girl Kristen Stewart does so? Media is abuzz with the issue of sweet Bella Swan turning hot teenage stripper for her next movie ‘Welcome to the Rileys’.

Stewart is a young Hollywood actress and is just doing things like any other stars of her generation. She has stripped for the film because her role demands so, but audience have not probably come out of the memories of Bella.

Kristen was quoted saying that she was surprisingly very comfortable doing the scenes. She added that she could do it so easily because she forgot the fact that she was walking down the streets while shedding clothes. She was not at all scared doing the stripping scenes. Well, we all know Kristen has grown up doing lots of kissing scenes with her co-star Robert Pattinson. She has come out of the inhibitions of a teenage girl and is behaving like a matured actress, who knows that she must do whatever her role demands.

The teenage sensation actress thinks that she is old enough to take up such roles. Initially, she was thinking that she would be feeling shy to do so but she was completely fine doing the scenes.

In fact, the 20-year-old Stewart visited a strip club to do some research work for her role. It was her first visit to any strip club and she even took classes on pole dancing. We can understand from this how serious she was for her character and tried to do it with full authenticity.

Kristen spoke in support of her film and its story saying that it is not at all raunchy and has a very sweet story.

We believe you Kristen or else you would not have been in this film.

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