‘Koffee with Karan Season 3′ has always left a deep impression on the minds of the viewers ever since it began three weeks back.

This week, it was the turn of the trio – the top three directors of B-Town namely Raj Kumar Hirani, Imtiaz Ali and Farah Khan who were invited by host Karan Johar to share some of their experiences over cups of Koffee.

To begin with, the trio was in the best of their moods and when Farah Khan walked in first she was made to clear the air about her and Shahrukh. Farah was very straight forward as she said that both she and Shahrukh were busy with their respective movies so there was hardly any communication but she did admit that it was hard to miss Shahrukh as he appeared in some magazine or the other, and even otherwise she missed him every moment.

As the show moved on, Raj Kumar Hirani was applauded for his success formula in films and also Imtiaz Ali,who had seen amazing success at the box office with his films.

However, a significant point made on the show was that some slapstick comedy films made great moolah at the box office whereas the more substantial films sometimes failed was quite mind boggling. But the directors agreed that certain films were beyond the understanding levels of the common folk and they could only understand the comedy films which basically were made to only entertain, thus, those films fared excellently and the ones with certain social messages were left behind to feel the dust.

Another point to notice was that with certain films made by certain directors an impression was formed on people’s mindsets regarding that director. Like Raj Kumar Hirani was never offered hard drinks at formal parties, rather he is mostly offered pineapple or orange juice!

The rapid fire round was quite interesting with Raju Hirani skipping a few questions and Farah too tried to stay clear of certain answers, the clear winner was Imtiaz Ali who answered all questions with utmost confidence.

Thus the director’s episode with the three guests and of course KJO who is himself one of the top most directors of B-town the episode was simply mind blowing. Keep it up KJO, we love coffee or rather Koffee your way!

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