Koel Mallick is the reigning actress of the Bengali film industry, but she still feels nervous whenever her films are about to release. Recently, we caught up with the actress and asked her about her upcoming projects.

The actress said that she is thankful that all her films are nicely spaced out and have no chances of coinciding or clashing with one another. The beautiful actress said that releasing three films in a row might lead to some overexposure but thinks that it will eventually work out in her favor.

Koel is going to portray a wide range of roles in her upcoming flick. So there is absolutely no room for comparison between the three films. Despite being quite experienced in the Bengali film world, Koel still feels the Friday morning blues each time her movies hit the theaters. The beautiful actress chooses to severe all contact with the outside world and prays to God for success.

Koel vehemently disagrees to the opinion that most commercial Bengali films are hero-centric, she maintains that there are equal opportunities for both actors and actresses in the film industry. So far, Koel has mostly worked in commercial ventures but she is open to all genres. If a good script comes along we might even get to see the actress in an art or parallel cinema.


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