Kiran Rao, who debuts as a director with her film Dhobi Ghat is quite a friendly gal one must say. The director who is quite the centre of attention these days as her movie is about to hit screens on Friday is quoted as having said “Everyone’s my friend” by tabloids.

Now the fact that this young lady is a very fine director and a confident one at that is certainly evident from the kind of movie that she is debuting with. In times of big block busters   this young lady is coming out with a film which is sort of an art film. Rather, some years back it would have been called parallel cinema.

However with a firm belief in herself and the subject of the film which revolves around the four characters in the film who live in Mumbai and each has a separate view about life seems to be quite an interesting one.

In fact the movie has already started getting some rave publicity and despite the fact that super star Aamir Khan, Kiran’s husband is very much a part of the movie the focus is just Kiran Rao and her directorial debut.

Now, with Kiran Rao maintaining such good PRO skills too by calling everyone her friend- she certainly has places to go!


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