From the media it has been known that the Bollywood King Khan has been upset by the news which was been updated on the news paper. The reason was someone from the press guy had asked Sharukh Khan that what did the superstar wish for Salman Khan and Khan replied him by saying that he wished Sallu good health and success and the next day the headline on the news paper was SRK is offering the olive branch that is trying to reconcile.

From the source it comes to know that King Khan is moving close to the famous actress Juhi Chawla and the same report had been published in the news paper and he felt bad. His intention is to make friends and greet them in a good manner but according to him people will take an opportunity to take that matter into the news and make that a big issue.

Through the media it comes to know that Khan has been discussing this matter in the Filmfare award he had also mentioned that if he makes friends people will ask why Khan has made so many friends and if he does not make friends they will again inquire that why is that Badshah is not making new friends. The Bollywood King Khan was unhappy with the reporters for the news which had been published in the news paper.


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