Kelly Rowland knew she had “really arrived” when she first sung at the Grammy Awards and met her idol Whitney Houston for the first time.

The ‘Down for Whatever’ singer shot to fame in Destiny’s Child with Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams.

“It was firstly meeting Whitney and secondly performing on the Grammy’s for the first time,” Contactmusic quoted her as writing on her blog

“You feel like you’ve really arrived in that moment because you’re performing in front of your peers and these are the people that actually vote for you to get a Grammy Award. I respect the Grammys so much.

Although Kelly believes it is a difficult time for up-and-coming performers, but advises potential stars to constantly perform and “self-promote”.

“I think there are new ways to invest in new talent. I’m investing in myself. There used to be a time when record labels would shoot so many different videos and have more of a budget but it is all stripped down now. But when you believe in something you put money behind it.

“Definitely self promote, find places to perform and get out there. Perform everywhere. And YouTube – I constantly go on to YouTube toind new things and ideas, it’s such a great inspiration,” she added. (ANI)


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