Katrina Kaif and Prakash Jha are two of the popular names in Bollywood after their super hit film Raajneeti made a great impact with critics as well as the audiences. Thus with the director convinced about Katrina’s effective capability to deliver the right goods in such non glamorous roles, he has again got the star to sign on the dotted line for his upcoming project which is titled Satsung.

The film is going to be based on the multi-million religion based industry and will have a central character that will represent a real life woman who had changed the course of her life to become a religious leader.

Katrina Kaif who has the intensity and the looks to carry off the part to a perfect ‘T’ was already in the director’s mind ever since they started shooting for the political potboiler Raajneeti. However, this role is going to be more intense and will see Katrina in the saffron robe looking quite unglamorous woman, much more different than what she has been both on and off screen till date.

Reports are that the star was very confident of pulling the role well after having a detailed discussion with the director about it. Thus, the coming year will see a much different and matured Katrina than ever before! Not to forget sans make-up too!


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