The spotlight is on Katrina Kaif these days. The media’s prying eyes in Katrina’s private life seems to drive her nuts. After rumours of a split between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina, Bollywood were buzzing with rumours that Katrina was probably trying to make her relationship  work with her ex boyfriend, Salman Khan. Quite a number of celebrities from tinsel town had flown to Dubai to celebrate the New Year and Salman was also one of them. Rumours were rife that Katrina will probably bury the past and join Salman in Dubai for the festivities. However, Katrina seems to be visibly upset with the news when the media confronted her with the gossips of celebrating Salman Khan’s birthday in Dubai.

Katrina seem to be fuming in anger and remarked that she had no clue as who was responsible for  spreading such  gossips about her. Katrina further added that she was in Mumbai as she was busy rehearsing for an awards ceremony. Katrina also added that the question of going to Dubai does not arise as she always makes time for her family in London whenever she gets a break from her professional commitments.

Katrina further commented that to meet Salman, she could always make a visit to his home in Mumbai as he is like family to her. Katrina also cleared the air when she commented that her relationship will Salman would remain the same irrespective of their personal lives. Salman will be close to Katrina even if they both decide to date somebody else. The truth is yet to be unfolded.


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