Karan Mehra, who on his birthday last year, had announced to the world about his love affair with Nisha Rawal. He had promising to keep her happy and love her a lot. And not forgetting the promise, our guy has so far managed to fulfill all his vows he made to Nisha Rawal.

A source informs, “All the cast from ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai’ have to give their 12 hours to the shoot and our boy Karan Mehra (Naitik) in spite of being busy whole day, always manages to meet his lady-love Nisha once in a day for sure. He takes time out from hectic schedule and manages to give Nisha some time at any cost.”

We called Karan and he says, “Yes, we do meet each other daily and we tease each other by saying that, ‘we have a daily affair’ (Laughs). But for sure I take time from my shoots and see to it that we spend some of the time together.”

How do you manage it from your 12 hours of shoot? “Well, we always don’t have time but we have to take out time for our loved ones. Sometime we meet in the office, have lunch or dinner together but for sure we meet each other at least once in a day.” adds Karan.

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