One of the most popular and celebrated actors of television, Karan Kundra, will be presenting his dancing skills in Star Plus’s ‘Zara Nachke Dikha’’. His dance moves are surely going to increase his fan following and Karan is leaving no stone unturned in making sure he gets it right.

Kundra was finding it difficult rehearsing in the small rehearsal room and then matching the elaborate steps on the big stage, so he requested the production to allow him to practice directly on the stage.

Kundra said, “The actual stage is bigger than the rehearsal hall, and when it came to the technical practice of the first episode, I was not able to match my steps with others’. Thus I made up my mind that I won’t practice in the room and do my rehearsals on the stage. The production was kind enough to consider my request, and has provided me with a softy and a sound system,” added Kundra.

When asked if his choreographers are present with him during his practice, Kundra replied that his choreographers have also been very supportive and are there with him for the practice session in Film City, where the set of ‘ZND’ has been built.

Well, that is the sign of a perfectionist.


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