What happens in a season where sun has no mercy on us, and you are left alone in a dark, at a height with no support other than a rod? We are sure you will experience the pinch of fear. And same the experience has been just experienced by our heartthrob Karan Kundra. Today on the sets of ‘Zara Nachke Dikha’, our guy had a breath taking experience which he exclusively shared with TellyCafe.

Talking about his experience, Karan says, “I was rehearsing for the day as I practice on the sets and not in the rehearsal hall. And for one of the episodes, I had a very dangerous entry for my performance from almost 35 feet above the stage. And I was rehearsing for that stunt along with our choreographer. We both went up almost 35 feet up and suddenly lights went off and we were left alone in the dark at the height. We were sweating like anything and there as no one to guide us back to the ground level. I was sweating and I did not know what I was standing on. Thus, I was standing there quietly with out making a move.”

“After sometime, when we came back down, I saw that I was standing on an aluminium Air Conditioner Plate, which was quite fragile and could have given way at any point of time. Today, I realized what exactly a reality show is, as this was one of my memorable albeit horrifying moments on the sets of ‘Zara Nachke Dikha’.” adds Karan.

Karan goes on, “And thus my rehearsals were discontinued for today.”

We are really waiting for your entry, Karan. We wish you ‘Best of Luck’!


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